Former White House press secretary and MSNBC host Jen Psaki said Wednesday on “All In” that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) couldn’t beat former President Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination by being the “culture war hero.”

Psaki said, “The polls started to drop for DeSantis and go up for Trump around the time that Trump started going after DeSantis. There is this clear correlation there. With DeSantis, he’s just started taking the gloves off this week, right? He didtheses interviews. We have seen the clips of the interview.”

She continued, “He’s clearly gone out today as well to try and be the culture war hero, going more extreme on this Don’t Say Gay bill to try to be the owner of the culture war. I don’t know that that is going work because, as we have shown with the polls and digging into them further, Trump’s got such a high floor, and he’s already had a high floor. That’s why he jokes about being able to shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue. DeSantis hasn’t quite figured out how he’s going to poke into that.”

She added, “Trump also has the entire Republican Part, or the most vocal wing of the part,y following and echoing him. It’s like he sends this bat signal out to go and attack Alvin Bragg, and they are all doing it. Including even Tim Scot,t who is not even in the race yet, but seems to be echoing this same language about this being a politicized case, which there is no evidence that it is.”

Psaki concluded, “Ron Desantis doesn’t have that.”

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