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‘Everyone’s Biggest Fear:’ Snapchat Fuels Teen Anxiety with ‘Friend-Ranking’ Feature

Snapchat’s friend ranking feature, part of its paid subscription service, is exacerbating feelings of insecurity and anxiety among teenagers by quantifying their social status within their friend group. The feature is just another example of how Silicon Valley titans place tremendous pressure on today’s teens to be part of the “in crowd,” leading one teen to explain, “It’s everyone’s biggest fear put onto an app.” 

Sad desperate young girl suffering from bulling and harassment at school - stock photo

Exclusive–Donald Trump Says He’s ‘Honored’ to Be GOP Nominee, But ‘Country in Deep Trouble’ with ‘Lunatic’ Joe Biden as POTUS

PALM BEACH, Florida — Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News exclusively at Mar-a-Lago on Wednesday evening that he is “honored” to be the GOP nominee for president for the third straight presidential election, but he is concerned the United States of America is in “deep trouble,” as the “lunatic” Democrat President Joe Biden is still in charge for the next seven months.

Former President Donald Trump speaks in Clinton Township, Mich., Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2023