Harris: When Roe v. Wade Overturned I Was Angry, Extremely Sad

Vice President Kamala Harris said Tuesday on the MSNBC special “One Year Post Roe” that when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, she was “angry” and “extremely sad.”

Host Joy Reid said, “I would love to know first how you felt not only as the first woman vice president of the United States but also as a former prosecutor, as a Momala of two lovelies, as an auntie, as a woman, as an American, to that moment, when you knew that Roe was gone?”

Harris said, “I’m also someone who was motivated to become a lawyer because of people like Thurgood Marshall, one of my inspirations was RBG, and the idea that the highest court in our land just did that and rolled back rights that had been recognized was incredibly shocking. I knew it might happen. The decision had been leaked. I called my husband, I called Doug immediately because he was the only one I could really just like let it out with words not for television at this moment. But again, you know, the thing about our nation I believe one of the strengths of our nation is, yes, we are a work in progress and the progress we have made, one of the attributes has been about our collective fight for the expansion of rights. This was such a stark restriction of rights that had been recognized. I immediately knew when that decision came down what it would mean for real people almost immediately in our country who for the most part many will suffer in silence and are alone and without resources of many types. I was extremely sad for that reason as well. When that decision came down, angry, you know, and extremely sad about what it would mean for real people.”

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