CNN’s Zeleny: Hunter Probe Removes Joe Biden’s Moral High Ground Against Trump

CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny said Monday on “Inside Politics” that the appointment of a special counsel to continue the investigation into Hunter Biden removed President Joe Biden’s “moral high” against “all the Trump accusations.”

When asked what the development means politically for Biden, Zeleny said, “I think politically, it removes some of the moral high ground that he might have against all the Trump accusations.”

He continued, “Among Democrats it probably doesn’t matter, but among independent voters who are like, ‘You know, just this is why we don’t like government, they all just smell a little crooked here,’ I think that could be an issue. Also, perhaps most important, how it directly impacts the president’s thinking in his head. He is so defensive of Hunter Biden and I think that this has the potential of really agitating him. You know, I just think it’s a bad look, but we don’t know how long this will go on.”

Zeleny added, “A trial does not have to be unfolding here. No one wants a special counsel. This is the second special counsel that is looking into the Biden family, if you will. The other one is still looking into the president’s handling of classified documents. You don’t want a special counsel because it opens a box and a door to who knows what.”

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