Elie Mystal: Trump and Co-Conspirators ‘Most Likely’ Will Be Convicted

Elie Mystal, a legal analyst for MSNBC and justice correspondent for The Nation, said Friday on “All In” that all the highest standards should be applied during the legal proceedings of former President Donald Trump and his co-conspirators because they will “most likely” be convicted.

Anchor Chris Hayes said, “It is actually important that this is being done. I do think that we all share this thing of wanting it to be at the most rigorous level of due process. This should be all the dotted I and crossed T’s. I think so far, if you look at Fani Willis and look at how Jack Smith conducted himself, particularly in that federal case, that is what we’re getting. It’s so far, so good. What do you think? ”

Mystal said, “I think that is right. I think that we need Trump and his various co-conspirators to be given the highest level of due process, so when, if most likely, they are convicted for their horrible crimes, we have confidence in the system afforded them every opportunity.”

He added, “I also put the responsibility back on us, back on the average citizen, back on a person who sits on a jury.”

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