Jon Stewart's Perfect Spewing of Left-Wing, Anti-Tea Party Talking Points

Looks as though someone got the DNC memo:


Man oh man, Jon Stewart has the left-wing spin and talking points down cold, doesn’t he? No one with even a smidgen of intellectual honesty uses the term “revenues increases,” and to blame the Bush tax cuts (or any tax cuts) on the deficit — especially after Obama’s unprecedented spending orgy — is nothing more than pure propaganda.

Do Tea Partiers want government gone? No.

Do Tea Partiers want to pay zero dollars in taxes? No.

But if you got your news from Jon Stewart, you wouldn’t know that. And God help us all, people do get their news from Jon Stewart.

“Revenue increases?” It’s called a “tax increase.” And if your ideology is so pure, Mr. ClownNoseOffAndOn, and so right and so popular, why are you afraid to say “tax increase”? Why are you afraid to say, “We must take money away from private citizens and out of the private economy in order to give it to the government to spend”?

I thought so.


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