Watch: Obama ‘Anger Translator’ Bids Farewell: ‘Good Luck with Your Healthcare A**holes, I’m Out’

Comedy Central

Keegan-Michael Key reprised his role as President Obama’s “anger translator,” Luther, for one final goodbye on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show Thursday night as the real Obama prepares to leave office in two weeks.

As his former Key and Peele castmate Jordan Peele played a sober, reflective Obama delivering a final farewell address, Key’s Luther took the opportunity — as he has many times over the past few years — to express what Obama was really thinking, lashing out at Republicans for obstructing progress over the course of his presidency and freaking out about his successor, Republican Donald Trump.

“I have greatly enjoyed my time as your president,” Peele’s Obama says calmly before Luther “translates.”

“Except when, let me think, when Republicans wouldn’t let me do sh*t, and then that one dude said I wasn’t born here, and then y’all elected him, so you know what? Didn’t love that part so much,” an angry Luther exclaims. “So pretty much the beginning, middle and the end sucked.”

“I assure you that if [Trump] succeeds, we all succeed,” Peele’s Obama continued. To which Luther added: “Unless he succeeds with all the sh*t he promised to succeed with, in that case, we’re f*cked.”

As “Obama” finished his speech, a beside-himself Luther signed off for the last time: “Apparently, orange is the new black. Good luck with your healthcare, assholes. I’m out.”

Watch the skit above.


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