Jackie Mason: ‘Sick Yenta’ Celebrities Hate Trump More than North Korea (Exclusive Video)

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In his latest exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie rips celebrities — including comedian Sarah Silverman and pop star Katy Perry — for the “venom” and “sick hate” they have for President Donald Trump, explaining that Hollywood hates the Republican president more than they hate the thought of the U.S. getting attacked by North Korea.

“Did you hear about Sarah Silverman? This great, brilliant patriot,” Jackie says, apparently referring to the comedian’s participation in last week’s “Tax March” protests. “She’s such a great patriot that she said she was raised in a state called New Hampshire, where she always was taught that it’s an honor to pay income tax.”

“You know what an honor it is? That she picked out a state where there’s no income tax. It’s called New Hampshire!”

Jackie also questions why “sick, broken-down yenta” Katy Perry has such a hatred for Trump. Though he says it’s perfect that the pop singer recently created a shoe called “the Hillary,” named after former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“This’ll do a lot for Hillary. From now on, every time she puts her foot in her mouth, it’ll be in a beautiful shoe.”

Jackie says that if North Korea were to strike the U.S., they’d likely hit California, where all the anti-Trump celebrities live. That means the stars are panicking, he explains, because they don’t know if Trump will do anything to stop them.

“Why should he stop it, even if he could? If all these celebrities had a choice, you know what they would do right now? They would eliminate Trump!” he says. “They would eliminate Trump faster than North Koreans would eliminate California. If they had a choice, Trump wouldn’t exist in ten seconds… I’ve never heard anybody hate North Korea as much as they hate Trump.”

Watch Jackie’s latest clip above.


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