Jackie Mason Rips ‘Low-Life Perverts’ in Hollywood: ‘Surprised They Even Have Time’ to Make Movies (Exclusive)

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie wonders how all of these producers in Hollywood have the time to make films and television shows with all the rampant sexual misconduct going on. Particularly Harvey Weinstein, who could reportedly be indicted on rape charges as early as next week, if the Manhattan District Attorney gets involved.

“Every time you pick up a paper, there’s another girl, and another way, and another time, this one he grabbed, this one he jumped on, he almost grabbed, he pushed her, he’s on top of her… Every time he got up in the morning, he said to himself, ‘The hell with the pictures, where’s the girls?’ And he was running after one girl after another.”

Jackie says the news coming out of Hollywood isn’t news at all.

“There’s not one person in the world that doesn’t know it’s been going on for 100 years,” he says. “Why do you think when you walk into any producer’s office, there’s no chairs, there’s only couches?”

“I’m surprised they even have time to make pictures,” Jackie adds. “They’re always telling a girl about how she’s about to make a picture, and meanwhile, take your clothes off, there’s another picture. The only pictures they make are the ones they talk to the girls about; before they jump on them, they talk about a picture. They never make a picture, they’re just making a girl, one after the other. Where’s the picture? Only one producer in 30 years made a picture, meanwhile 300 producers a day are jumping on girls!”

Jackie also points out the epic hypocrisy behind much of Hollywood’s appalling behavior.

“These low-life perverts who are jumping on women day and night and attacking and abusing people every day, are the ones who are always the moralists of this country,” he explains. “You pigs. You’re not normal enough or decent enough to even be alive today in a decent country.”

And as for reports that actor Kevin Spacey is attending the same rehabilitation clinic in Arizona used by Weinstein last month?

“If you’re Harvey Weinstein, don’t you think you should watch your back?”

Watch Jackie’s latest above.


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