Bill Maher Calls Out Arianna Huffington, Hollywood’s ‘F**king Hypocrites’ on the Environment

YouTube/Club Random Podcast
YouTube/Club Random Podcast

HBO late night host Bill Maher slammed Hollywood environmentalists like George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and, Ben Affleck for their hypocrisy during Monday’s episode of his “Club Random” podcast, including his guest, Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington.

When Huffington piously proclaimed that “Growing inequalities have gotten infinitely worse.” Maher struck back saying “Well, mostly because of you.”

With a bit of pique, Huffington shot back “No, mostly because of you!” She added, “Mostly because of you flying on private planes.”

But Maher wasn’t pushed off his point.

“I can stand being a bad environmentalist because we all really are,” Maher continued. “I cannot stand being a hypocrite. And every single person who can fly in a private jet, including you, including rrr, I love these people. But we all do it.”

Maher noted that the whole elite class that brays about the environment, then they fly around the world on private jets and own multiple homes as they spew more emissions in a year than most Americans do in a lifetime, are destroying their own case for the planet.

“It’s irresistible and so that’s again, something that looks bad to someone who’s in the middle or leaning right when lefties are fucking hypocrites,” Maher said. “So, I just really wanted to make that case. And we all do it on whatever our level is. I mean, if you drive a car to work but you could take the bus, you’re just doing it on a budget. I’m doing it like a baller. Eat that bitches, it’s so funny.”

Huffington then quickly changed the subject to attack Elon Musk.

This is not the first time Maher has criticized climate change activists, He has made these points several times over the last few years.

In August of 2021, he was also seen tackling environmentalists who fly on private jets, and blasted them as “selfish” for telling everyone else to forego modern conveniences even as they indulge them.

Only a few months ago he was also heard taking a swipe at Hollywood climate change bellowers for advocating about reducing carbon even as they flay around the world on private jets.

Also, last December, for instance, Maher took a stick to Generation Z and told them to “shut the fuck up” for attacking everyone over climate change, even as they essentially do nothing to live up to their own claimed convictions.

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