Dog Finds Cell Phones in California Prison

Dog Finds Cell Phones in California Prison

One California prison is utilizing a dog to sniff out cellphones hidden by prisoners. The dog, Drako, working in Vacaville, has a sensational nose for the phones. His officer, Brian Pyle, showed exactly how Drako worked. Pyle told San Francisco’s KPIX5: “He looks for marijuana, heroin, cocaine”–but also cell phones. “In four years, he’s found 1,000. When we go into a cell, Drako knows what time it is. He knows it’s time to go to work.”

Pyle showed how a cell phone hidden in one of three jars of peanut butter was no challenge for Drako. The dog immediately went to the jar with the phone. Pyle commented, “He paid the other peanut butter no attention; and he came over here and showed attention once he got over there.”

Pyle has said of the dog, “He’ll alert on a cellphone, he’ll alert on a bluetooth, he’s alerted on a laptop with a wireless card installed in it. What the actual chemical of it is, we don’t know; There’s a lot of different theories…I know it’s not just the battery and I know it’s not just the phone. He can find a battery and he can find a phone. Anything that’s ever been attached to a cellphone, he can find it.”

KPIX5 San Francisco reports Drako once found 30 cell phones that prisoners had hidden in a microwave.

Smuggling a cell phone into prison can lead to a fine up to $5,000 for each phone and a possible six months in jail.