Office for Closing Guantanamo Bay Closed

Office for Closing Guantanamo Bay Closed

The State Department’s special envoy assigned to work toward closure of Guantanamo Bay has been reassigned and will not be replaced.

In other words, the office focused on closing Guantanamo Bay is now closed–a sure sign that the Obama administration “does not currently see the closing of the prison as a realistic priority.”

This about-face on Guantanamo Bay is the latest in a long list of missed goals for the Obama administration, among them the failed efforts to try terrorists in NYC, Obama’s inability to overcome Democrats’ 2009 refusal to fund prisoner transfers from Guantanamo Bay, and the impotency of Obama’s own 2009 executive order requiring the closure of Guantanamo Bay within a year. 

It also demonstrates the failure of the Obama administration to use the Thomson Prison in IL as a new terrorist holding facility in the United States. Thomson was all the rage in the fall of 2012, and it was seemingly intended to be the new home for many Guantanamo Bay terrorist-transfers, but it never came to fruition.