Children Serenade Gaza Crowd With Hamas Terrorist Rap

AP Photo/Mohammed Ballas
AP Photo/Mohammed Ballas

For the benefit of anyone wondering why Israeli voters are still concerned about security, despite Team Obama and its pet media insisting they are surrounded by nothing but constructive, well-meaning partners in peace, the Middle East Media Research Institute brings us a lovely musical performance by a couple of child rap singers at a Hamas rally in Gaza:

Dressed in military uniforms, the kids sing in praise of terrorist bombings in Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv, with a special shout-out to the terror tunnels Hamas blows so much of the money given to Palestinians on building: “Listen, you occupation, we have sacrificed martyrs, but despite it all, we will heal our wounded, we will free our prisoners, and through the tunnels, we will capture soldiers and fight Jews.”

How about those random murder rocket barrages Hamas likes to shower on Israeli civilians? “We bombarded Ashkelon and they hid in their shelters like mice.”

But the Palestinians want to put terrorism behind them and work constructively for a better future, don’t they? Not according to these pint-size rappers: “This is the story of Gaza. It is the age of wars.”  And not just in Gaza, since they castigate other Arab countries for prosecuting terrorism, particularly Egypt.

As you can see from the video, a large and appreciative audience assembled for this performance. Terrorism is a battle of wills, and the gangsters of Hamas have taken care to corrupt generations of children into thralls for their death cult.  This isn’t the kind of brainwashing they’ll be able to switch off the instant they decide to present themselves as statesmen and work out a Palestinian statehood deal.