Rockets from Gaza Injure Six Israelis As Hamas Blasts Peace Deal

Rockets fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip injured six people Tuesday evening, in what appeared to be in protest over the concurrent signing of the peace deals between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain which the Gaza-ruling Hamas terror group has called an act of “aggression.”

Rocket Gaza (Jack Guez / Getty)

Congress Urges Pompeo to Stop ‘Biased’ ICC from Probing Israel

TEL AVIV –  The International Criminal Court (ICC) is “unfairly targeting Israel” and engaging in “dangerous politicization” in its bid to investigate Jerusalem and Washington over unsubstantiated war crimes claimed by the Palestinians, a letter signed by 69 senators and 262 House representatives and sent on Wednesday to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said. 

U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo delivers the keynote address at the Celebration of Israel’s 71st Independence Day, at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C., on May 22, 2019. [State Department photo by Michael Gross/ Public Domain]

Naftali Bennett: Israel, U.S. Working to Prevent Iranian Corridor

TEL AVIV – Israel and the U.S. will work together to combat Iranian terror in the Middle East, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said following a trip to the U.S., with the task being divvied up so that Jerusalem will work to curb Iran’s entrenchment in Syria while Washington will combat the Islamic Republic’s presence in Iraq.

Israel's Defence Minister Naftali Bennett and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have both sought to win over settlers ahead of another possible snap election

German Government Contractor Smears Israel: ‘Not a Democracy’

TEL AVIV – A German government contractor, who is also a representative of Amnesty International, delivered an anti-Semitic speech in which she accused Israel of “executing” peaceful Palestinian protesters and blamed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the recent influx of refugees into Europe, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Gruesome Cartoon

Caroline Glick: Israel Must Prepare for Next War with Hamas

If Israel’s military commanders are correct, and the next round of Hamas aggression is waiting around the corner, then Israel should use the coming weeks to prepare itself for an operation that will convince Hamas that it is wrong to view attacks on Israel as a means to ensure its economic survival.

Iron Dome (Jack Guez / AFP / Getty)

Watchdog: UN to Release Record Number of Anti-Israel Reports Next Month

TEL AVIV – The United Nations Humans Rights Council is set to launch an unprecedented assault on Israel next month, including releasing a series of reports singling it out for alleged war crimes and human rights violations, and a “thinly-veiled” call for a boycott the Jewish state, watchdog group UN Watch said. 

The United States has, every year since 2014, garnered the nine votes needed at the United Nations Security Council to hold a meeting on Pyongyang's human rights record