Vehicular Jihad: Palestinian Terrorist Shot Dead After Injuring Female Police Officers With His SUV

Washington, D.C.

In the latest case of ‘vehicular jihad,’ two female Israeli police officers stationed in Jerusalem were injured on Wednesday when a Palestinian man attempted to run them over with his SUV. The Palestinian driver was within close proximity to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem when he drove off the road and struck the cops with his vehicle.

When the driver would not get out of his vehicle, and instead decided to try and run the injured officers over again, the officers fired their weapons at the Palestinian man, resulting in the attacker sustaining critical injuries.

The attacker died at the scene after first aid units on the scene were unable to successfully stabilize the attacker, the Times of Israel reports.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld tweeted shortly after the incident, “Arab terrorist who carried out vehicle attack in a Tur neighborhood, Jerusalem shot and killed. Police investigation continues. Area closed,”

The injured police officers have been evacuated to a local hospital for treatment, according to reports.

In both March and April, there have been multiple incidents in which Palestinian terrorists attempted to kill Israeli Jews with their automobiles.

But Vehicular jihad has become a global phenomena for Muslim radicals who seek to kill people with their vehicles in the name of Islam.

In December, France witnessed a deadly vehicular jihad incident when a French Muslim man ran over pedestrians while yelling, “Allahu Akbar,” and stating, “this is in the name of the children of Palestine.”

In October, A 25-year-old Canadian Muslim man killed one Canadian soldier and injured another after he used his vehicle to run the officers over in a mall parking lot.