Left-Wing Salon Warns DeSantis Will Make U.S. ‘Florida’: Lab for ‘Fascist Cruelty’

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis “turned Florida into a laboratory for fascist cruelty and authoritarian oppression” and will do the same to the entire country if president, according to a recent Salon piece warning under such a scenario more women will “die,” the LGBTQ community “will be terrorized on a national scale,” more will be done to “prevent black and brown people from voting,” education will be replaced with “right-wing, ‘patriotic’ indoctrination,” and “right-wing terrorism” will proliferate.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis poses for a picture with voters after giving a speech at a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Wednesday. Several hundred people filled half of an event center to listen to DeSantis speak in his first trip to Iowa since announcing his presidential campaign. (AP Photo/Josh Funk)

Report: Biden Officials Attended Iraqi Forum Featuring Iran-Backed Terrorist

The Long War Journal reported last week that two senior officials from the Biden State Department, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Alina Romanowski and Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Barbara Leaf, attended a conference in Iraq that was headlined by a known terrorist whose militias have killed hundreds of American soldiers. 

In this Jan. 6, 2016 file photo, Qais Khazali, the head of the Iran-backed Asaib Ahl al-Haq, speaks to his followers during a rally in Basra, Iraq. On Thursday, Dec. 27, 2018, Iraqi lawmakers are seizing on President Donald Trump's surprise visit to demand U.S. forces leave the country. Politicians …

Kamala Harris Gifts Ghana $139 Million on Africa Trip

Vice President Kamala Harris visited Ghana on Monday. She praised the “democratic principles” of President Nana Akufo-Addo and pledged $139 million in assistance for the coming fiscal year, plus a share of various regional initiatives, including economic support and counter-terrorism programs.

Vice President Kamala Harris with President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana on Monday. She pledged $139 million in assistance for the coming fiscal year. (The Presidency-Republic of Ghana)