Burglary Suspect Arrested at Occupy Little Rock

Burglary Suspect Arrested at Occupy Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas – Local KATV News reports the Little Rock Police Department has made an arrest at the local Occupy encampment. Police claim the homeless Occupier, William Kelly (Age 37), has been on the run for two years after allegedly committing commercial burglary and breaking and entering. The police report states “three white males broke into Cajun’s Wharf on October 31, 2010 and filled three backpacks with liquor, left the scene then returned an hour later to steal more liquor.”

The alleged crimes were caught on a security video camera. It remains unclear when the Occupier decided to stop stealing liquor and advocate for the government to fund his habit by joining the Occupy movement.

Occupy Little Rock released an official statement: “He has been a valued member of Occupy Little Rock.” The group of Obama-supported radical squatters went further to say that the valued member who was arrested was technically not in their park, but just next door; so it wasn’t an Occupy arrest. The Occupiers official website asserts the crimes are alleged and the arrests are “alleged” — even though they claim to have video footage of the arrest.

The Little Rock Police Department was not available for further comment at the time of this article’s release.