Ohio Democratic Party Divided on True the Vote

Ohio Democratic Party Divided on True the Vote

The Ohio Democratic Party falsely accused True the Vote, the nation’s leading voter integrity group, of “forging” politicians’ signatures in order to have access to Ohio polling places on November 5th.

Breitbart News revealed the details of the paperwork snafu which the Ohio Democratic Party used to attack True the Vote. Left-of-center media outlets across the nation initially ran stories claiming TTV had “forged” signatures to gain access to polling locations. The Ohio Democratic Party sent out a press release and used a far-Left website’s blog post as their release’s sole content.

The Ohio Democratic Party has yet to apologize or retract their false claims against True the Vote, however, prominent state Democrats have begun to publicly contradict the assertions of the current Ohio Democratic Party leadership.

Contrary to the Ohio Democratic Party’s public statements on True the Vote, the highest authority in Ohio election matters, County Board of Elections Chairman William Anthony Jr., stated through a spokesperson that the matter was simply an application problem. The chairman is a former county head of the Ohio Democratic party.

Breitbart News will continue to follow this conflict between prominent Ohio Democratic Party leaders and officials and provide updates for our readers.