U.S. Sentences Mexican Drug Cartel Manager

U.S. Sentences Mexican Drug Cartel Manager

Brownsville,Texas — A federal court has sentenced a Mexican cartel manager for conspiring to possess and import cocaine and marijuana. The USAttorney’s office prosecuted the case in the south Texas town ofBrownsville, near the Texas-Mexico border.

The cartel boss, 41-year-old Juan Roberto Rincon-Rincon, reportedly rosefrom being a trusted aide of top cartel leaders to a plaza bosscontrolling multiple smuggling routes across the Rio Grande river intoTexas.

US Border Patrol agents captured Rincon-Rincon last October. The USAttorney’s office stated that Rincon-Rincon had overseen the smugglingof 1,100 pounds of marijuana into Texas and also collected taxes or feesfrom other drug shipments.

Rincon-Rincon did not testify and faces 10 years to life in prison forthe two charges. He is scheduled to be sentenced on January 7, 2013.