California Republican: Lead Ammo Ban Essentially a Ban on Hunting

California Republican: Lead Ammo Ban Essentially a Ban on Hunting

California Assemblyman and gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly (R-33rd Dist.) says the proposed ban on lead ammunition awaiting Governor Jerry Brown’s (D) signature is a de facto ban on hunting. 

Donnelly was referring to AB711, which would ban lead ammo throughout California under the guise of protecting the state’s Condor population.  

“This is a ban on hunting that is disguised as a lead ammo ban,” Donnelly told Breitbart News on October 8. “It would force people to go non-lead bullets, but non-lead bullets are considered to be armor piercing, and if they can be fired through a handgun they are illegal to own. It is a breach of federal law to own arming piecing ammunition for handguns.”

“This will effectively end ammunition options for hunters, ending hunting in CA as well,” he explained. “And this makes no sense because hunters help us manage the wildlife population. And through licenses and other fees they actually pay the state to let them do the management.”

“To do something this draconian, this extreme, at a time when California’s budget is in trouble will mean cutting off one of the sources of income the state has been able to count on year after year,” Donnelly stated.

Donnelly also referenced SB1221 as another example of the war on hunting; he explained that the bill, which was signed into law last year, had disastrous results:

SB1221 banned hunting with hounds for bears and bobcats and since its implementation California has faced an overpopulation of bears. Things have gotten so bad that the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife has had to ask hunters to help take down bears at various times during the last year. 

Add a lead ban to this ban on hunting bears and bobcat with hounds and wildlife will become increasingly difficult and costly to manage.  

Donnelly said these types of laws are passed based on what “feels” good to lawmakers. He added: “We are not elected to pass policy based on feelings, but on principles and common sense. And when something is a boon to your economy and results in a healthy ecosystem–as hunting does–then hunting is a good policy.”

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