Mark Levin Lays Out Plan for Curbing Government Expansion: 'Thank God for the Tea Party'

Mark Levin Lays Out Plan for Curbing Government Expansion: 'Thank God for the Tea Party'

Some conservatives see the ballot box as their only means of recourse against an out-of-control government. But over the last three national elections, including the 2010 midterm elections that propelled the Republicans to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives, things haven’t worked out as planned.

Mark Levin, author of The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, charts a path to reel in the growth of this ever-expanding federal leviathan by harnessing the sentiment that inspired the Tea Party movement.  

In a three-hour interview he conducted with C-SPAN that aired Sunday night, he praised the Tea Party movement and explained what their grievances are with the current state of the union.

“Thank God for the Tea Party,” Levin said. 

The Tea Party is the modern-day conservative constitutional movement. And without it, the debt would be bigger. The unfunded liabilities would be bigger and the federal government would be even more consolidated. So, I think it is a crucially important movement. I think it needs to grow and I think if the Republican Party wants to go to war, apparently it does, with the Tea Party movement, then the Republican Party is going to lose because the Tea Party is, there as I say in Ameritopia, is nothing more than citizens – hard-working, taxpaying citizens that have had enough, who see the $90, now $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, see the massive federal debt just more, more and more, see the fecklessness of the Republican Party, see the radicalness of the Democratic Party and they say enough is enough.

Levin anticipates a defeat for the Republican Party if it tries to go to war with the Tea Party. He argues that using the processes laid out in of Article 5 of the Constitution that delegates power to the states to call a convention, propose amendments, and send those amendments out to the state legislatures for passage would be a means for which the Tea Party movement could achieve its goals and bypass the established powers in Washington, D.C.

“So of course both parties turn on the Tea Party and attack it,” he added. 

That is through the media, which is to be expected. This is a Washington-centric mentality versus the people. That’s exactly why I wrote The Liberty Amendments. And the whole point of the state convention process is to bypass the federal government, is to bypass the federal bureaucracy, is to bypass the federal courts exactly as the framers intended at the constitutional convention. Every single one of them that attended voted for Article 5 – so that ‘We the People’ through our state legislatures can at least make an effort to take our republic back.

Although this may seem inconceivable to some, the more conditions deteriorate in the country with the federal government, the more this movement would pick up steam among the American people, Levin predicted.

“Whether it’s in two years or 25 years,” Levin said, “I have no way of knowing.”


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