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Mark Levin: Eric Holder a 'Coward' for Talking More about Race than Radical Islam


At Saturday’s Values Voter Summit, conservative talk radio host and scholar Mark Levin called outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder a “coward” for not speaking about radical Islam and challenged President Barack Obama to more forcefully denounce it. 

“Eric Holder said that we are a nation of cowards because we don’t talk about race. We never stop talking about race,” Levin said two days after Holder announced his resignation and a day after an Oklahoma man who recently converted to Islam beheaded a co-worker. “He’s the coward because he won’t talk about Islam.”

Levin said he was not talking about “law-abiding Muslims, of which there are a billion or so.”

But Levin noted that America is “sending young men and women off to war to fight fundamental Islam.”

“That’s what they’re fighting. That’s who they’re fighting,” he said. “And it’s about damn time the president of the United States said it and stop making apologies about it.” 

Levin said the country needed to reject political correctness and called on Obama, who has referred to the Fort Hood murders as a case of “workplace violence,” to make a speech “in defense of Christians around the world” and Israel. He called on Obama to make a speech “in defense of women who are really being attacked, raped, and enslaved.”

He also told values voters to “fight this effort to silence us” and called Obamacare an attack on religious liberty. 

Levin said, “We are traditional conservatives who embrace our constitution and our heritage,” and blasted those who treat traditional conservatives “like we’re this fringe.” Levin said values voters are actually “in the middle” and are centrist between the radical left and neo-confederate groups that want to secede and don’t respect the Constitution.

“We are the heart of America,” Levin said. “Our belief system is the heart of America. We are the majority of America, and they treat us like we’re some minor cult. We’re not some minor cult.”

He also said Holder’s resignation from the “Department of Injustice,” where he tried to load up the “un-Civil Rights Division with leftists and malcontents,” came “five years too late.” He said that, though he hoped that a conservative Republican president would come in and clean up the mess, Levin warned that the left wants to “make permanent its eight-year term.” Levin said the left wants to “make permanent their agenda and Constitutionalize it,” and that is why originalists are so important, so they can fight the “million Holders” who are “ready to spring into action.” 

Levin also told the audience that, as much as the mainstream press try to paint people of faith as intolerant, that is clearly not the case if his personal experiences are any indication. Citing his life’s experiences as a Jew, Levin said that Evangelical Christians and faithful Catholics are the most faithful people and “the most tolerant people I deal with.” 


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