On Veterans Day, Mike Pence Reaches Out to Struggling Veterans

Vice President Mike Pence specifically reached out to struggling veterans on Monday, during his speech at Arlington Cemetery on Veterans Day.

He said:

Let me say from the heart, if you are a veteran who is struggling with the return to civilian life or if you have a family member or a friend or a neighbor who you know is similarly burdened, just know that there is help available today, and just as you were there for us, we will be there for you to see you through this time.

The Vice President delivered the keynote speech at Arlington Ceremony this year, as President Donald Trump traveled to New York City to speak at the 100th Anniversary of the New York City Veterans Day parade.

“The Bible tells us if you owe debts, pay debts; if honor then honor, if respect, then respect,” Pence said, noting that Veterans Day was a day for all Americans to pay tribute to those who had served.

He thanked all veterans for their courage and patriotism for answering the call to service.

“You came from the rest of us, but we know that you are the best of us,” he said.

Pence told the story of Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter who recalled a moment that an Uber driver thanked him for his service, to which Carpenter replied, “You’re worth it.”

Pence choked up as he explained Carpenter’s belief that the man, his family, his freedom, and his rights were worth sacrificing for in the military.

“Thank you,” Pence said as the crowd stood and applauded. “Thank you for considering us worthy of your all and service to this country.”

After Pence was finished with his speech, one man shouted “Four More Years!” earning cheers and applause from the crowd at the ceremony.


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