Beyonce Faces Possible Boycott from Texas Police

Pop star Beyonce faces a possible security boycott of her concert tour from cops in Texas. The lesson she may well have to learn from the Super Bowl two weeks ago is that no move, deed or word goes unstudied, or un-criticized. Her half time performance is a textbook case.


Black Church in Texas Calls Police on White Guy ‘Acting Strangely’

In Arlington, the Armstrong African Methodist Episcopal Church sits a few blocks north of downtown, and on Sunday, around two dozen parishioners were grieving with the rest of the nation for those lost in the attack when a young white man, alone and in his late 20’s, entered the sanctuary. Churchgoers went on alert, and within minutes, the church pastor, Portia Duncan, called 911.


Texas Swingers Club Vows to Swing Back Against Authorities

The owners of a 4,680-square-foot home in Arlington, Texas, have been ordered to cease-and-desist holding swingers club parties in the residence. According to NBCDFW and the Arlington Star-Telegram, the owners say they are not embarrassed and will continue to have “like-minded friends” in their home, advertised in their website as “Eutopia.” They will fight the City’s efforts to stop their weekend parties.

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