Stacey Abrams: ‘Wannabe Authoritarian’ Trump ‘Does Not Want Democracy to Work’

Former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams addresses the 110th NAACP National Conv
AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate ripped President Trump as a “wannabe authoritarian” who “does not want democracy to work” in a Monday interview with singer Janelle Monáe in Harper’s Bazaar.

“We have a president who does not want democracy to work,” Abrams said. “He is a wannabe authoritarian populist who believes that his edicts should be law, that his incompetence should be unchallenged, and that accountability is for others.”

Abrams continued by saying the biggest issue at stake in this election is “democracy” and accused Trump of trying erode the country’s democracy like Republicans have been trying to do for the last two decades.

“We have watched the undermining of our democracy not just for the last four years under Trump, but for the last 20 years under Republicans, because they are a very homogenous party that relies on keeping people out of the process,” Abrams added. “Their only way to continue their dominance is to keep voter suppression in place. But they’ve also eroded our democracy because the thing is, you may target people of color, you may target young people, but when you break the machinery of democracy, you break it for everyone. So one is restoring our democracy because everything else we need follows from it.”


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