‘People Are Super Frustrated’: White House and DNC Infighting Reveals Joe Biden Plans 2024 Campaign

Jul 21, 2021; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; President Joe Biden visits the IBEW/NECA Electrical T
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White House and Democrat National Committee (DNC) infighting combined Thursday to shine a light on President Joe Biden’s plans to run in 2024.

“People are super frustrated in the trenches around what’s happening with the DNC and the White House’s control of it,” a DNC member told the Hill, speaking “on the condition of anonymity to candidly discuss the internal dynamics at play.”

“The White House is not thinking about how to build the electorate writ large, but they’re concentrating on [a] few states,” the source continued. “It’s all about [the] presidential re-elect. What’s happening is a bit of a split within the DNC between ‘Team Biden’ and people who are trying to run an election cycle.”

The Hill notes that “omnipresence has left the impression that Biden, 78, is ‘clearly posturing’ to run again in 2024, said a second well-placed and seasoned DNC member, with little discussion about any other prospects to replace him.”

White House Senior Adviser Steve Rucchetti seems to be Biden’s arm who controls the DNC for the president by “providing informal advice” to the committee. “He has been closely involved in top priorities of the national party headquarters,” the Hill reports. “He also is expected to continue with upcoming decisions around appointments.”

“He’s pivotal politically. Nothing moves without Ricchetti’s sign-off,” the second DNC source said.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates told the Hill the allegations are “False,” while a DNC spokesperson stated the statements are “flatly untrue.”

When Biden was asked in March if he will run again for the presidency, he responded in the affirmative. “The answer is yes, my plan is to run for reelection,” Biden said. “That’s my expectation.”

A selection of  news outlets doubted his word.

USA Today published the headline in March, “There’s zero chance Joe Biden will run in 2024. Why didn’t he dodge the question?”

The Atlantic wrote in April, “Biden is a unique case. Wittingly or not, he gave rise to the prospect of bowing out after four years when he described himself during the 2020 campaign as a “bridge” to a younger generation of political leaders.”

Elsewhere Vice President Kamala Harris has reportedly been eyeing the presidency despite her aids stating perhaps she “shouldn’t be the heir apparent” for 2024’s presidential race because she “could not defeat whomever the Republican Party puts up.”

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