A tenant in an apartment in southern Texas found a pre-term baby’s body while doing plumbing work, according to the Mission Police Department. 

The tenant at apartments on the 400 block of San Antonio Avenue in Mission, Texas, reportedly found the baby’s body on January 30 while working to unclog a pipe and called police, Life News reported on Tuesday. Police said they are investigating the incident and will conduct an autopsy.

“The tenant reported having issues with backflow of the water and he later found the fetus next to the drainage pipe,” police said in a statement, according to local reports. 

Life News noted that police did not say the age of the baby or state how the baby died, “but their use of the term ‘fetus’ suggests the baby likely was not full term.”

“It is possible that the baby may have been a victim of abortion. Pro-abortion groups that sell abortion drugs to women for home use instruct them to flush their aborted baby’s body down the toilet,” the pro-life news outlet speculated. 

Texas notably protects unborn babies when a heartbeat can be detected, which is around six weeks of pregnancy — meaning both surgical and medication abortions are basically outlawed in the state.