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UC San Diego Professor Compares Unborn Children to Cancer

A professor at the University of California San Diego compared unborn children to cancer in a slide presentation for an upper-level biology course on the “evolution of human disease.” In a slide presentation shared by a Stanford Medical student, the professor appears to describe a fetus as a “legitimate parasite” that “rapidly grows” and “invades” the mother.

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Unborn Babies Play in Soccer Game in Venezuela

A marketing video for Estudiantes De Caracas – a professional soccer team – sought to drum up business for its soccer academy by showing expectant parents how the game is played even among their unborn babies.

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Babypod Tampon Speakers Allow Unborn Babies To Respond To Music As Early As 16 Weeks

A new device called a “Babypod tampon speaker” that plays music directly to unborn babies is based on research that has found babies as early as 16 weeks of gestational development are able to hear music in utero which can, in turn, stimulate neurons in the fetus’ brainstem and help babies learn to communicate while still inside the womb.

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Irish Pro-Life Leader Tells UN Unborn Children Deserve Human Rights

Cora Sherlock, Deputy Chairwoman of the Pro Life Campaign, yesterday told the United Nations Human Rights Committee (the Human Rights Committee) that the idea human rights treaties can be interpreted to allow a right to abortion is “completely without foundation”. The pro-life campaigner made the

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Vegas Hospital Sends Out Stillborn Twins with Soiled Laundry

A Las Vegas hospital faces questions after it accidentally left the bodies of twin babies wrapped in linens it sent to be cleaned. The children’s mother apparently suffered a miscarriage early in her pregnancy and arrived at the hospital with the dead twins already wrapped in linens.

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