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Woman Who Feigned Pregnancy and Cut Baby from a Womb Sentenced

A woman who feigned pregnancy and cut a seven-month unborn baby from a stranger’s womb has been sentenced to 10o years in prison by a Colorado judge. Thirty-six-year-old Dynel Lane used a kitchen knife to perform a cesarean section after she lured victim Michelle Wilkins to her home. Lane had placed an ad for maternity clothes on CraigsList.

"Women who ate fish more than three times per week when they were pregnant gave birth to children with higher BMI values at two, four and six years of age compared with women who ate fish less"

Judge Rules Divorced Couple’s Embryos Must Be Destroyed

In the first ruling of its kind in California, a Superior Court judge in San Francisco has ruled that the frozen embryos a woman wants to use to procreate, over her ex-husband’s objections, must be destroyed.

PA Wire URN:6219941 (Press Association via AP Images)