Poll: Majority of Democrats Say Hunter Should Sit for Deposition, Prosecuted if Refuses

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 13: Hunter Biden gives a statement to media outlets regarding th
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A majority of Democrat voters say Hunter Biden should comply with the House impeachment inquiry’s lawful subpoena, appearing for both a closed door deposition and a public testimony and if he does not, he should be prosecuted, a Harvard Caps/Harris poll reveals.

Hunter faces contempt of Congress proceedings after he failed to appear for a subpoenaed closed-door deposition on Wednesday. If prosecuted and convicted for contempt of Congress, Hunter’s punishment could be up to a $100,000 fine and imprisonment.

All partisans said Hunter should comply with a closed door deposition:

  • Democrats: 60 percent
  • Republicans: 81 percent
  • Independents: 72 percent

Among all voters, a greater majority said Hunter should comply with the law:

  • 71 percent say Hunter should submit to a deposition first
  • 29 percent say he should only appear publicly

When asked if Hunter Biden should “appear or not appear for a deposition by Congress if called upon to explain his business dealings before the body,” a greater amount of voters sided with abiding by the law:

  • 81 percent said he should appear
  • Just 19 percent said he should not

A vast majority of voters said Joe Biden’s DOJ should prosecute Hunter for not appearing:

  • 71 percent support prosecution
  • 29 percent oppose prosecution

Among partisans, a majority of both parties said Hunter should be prosecuted for not appearing:

  • Democrats: 54 percent support
  • Republicans: 89 percent support
  • Independents: 72 percent support

Lastly, the poll found the president’s son holds an approval rating of negative 41 points:

  • Favorable: 21 percent
  • Unfavorable: 61 percent

The poll surveyed 1,500 Americans from December 9-12 with a 3 point margin of error.

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