Sweet Little AI Lies: New York Lawyer Faces Sanctions After Using ChatGPT to Write Brief Filled with Fake Citations

A New York-based attorney is facing potential sanctions after using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to write a legal brief he submitted to the court. The problem? The AI Chatbot filled the brief with citations to fictitious cases, a symptom of AI chatbots called “hallucinating.” In an affadavit, the lawyer claimed, “I was unaware of the possibility that [ChatGPT’s] content could be false.”

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‘I Haven’t Seen Any Plumbing Robots:’ Mike Rowe Says AI Is Coming for Desk Jobs, Not Skilled Trades

Mike Rowe, the host of popular TV shows Dirty Jobs and How America Works, has claimed that blue-collar jobs and skilled trades are safe from the growth of AI despite widespread fears of job losses due to technological advancements. According to Rowe, “I’ve been hearing for years that robots are going to wreck blue-collar work. Turns out AI is coming for your white-collar job.”

TV personality Mike Rowe , host of "Dirty Jobs", takes part in a roundtable discussion on manufacturing with Republican presidential candidate Mitt RomneySeptember 26, 2012 American Spring Wire in Bedford Heights, Ohio. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/GettyImages)

AI Ethics Researcher Fired by Google Warns Against Unchecked Chatbot ‘Gold Rush’

In the midst of the booming AI industry, Timnit Gebru, a former lead researcher on Google’s ethical AI team who was fired by the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe, is cautioning against potential dangers. She argues that the rapid growth in the field, akin to a “gold rush,” is sidelining important ethical safeguards, and calls for more external regulation.

Former Google AI Ethics Researcher Timnit Gebru

Apple Bans Employees from Using ChatGPT over Security Concerns

Apple has placed restrictions on its employees’ use of generative AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GitHub’s Copilot, citing data security concerns. According to an internal communication, Apple believes that “Generative AIs, while powerful, can potentially collect and share confidential data, leading to a breach of our security protocols.”

Tim _Apple_ Cook testifying via TV (Pool/Getty)

Former OpenAI Researcher: AI at Human Level Means a ’50/50 Chance of Doom’

A former OpenAI researcher, Paul Christiano, has expressed serious concerns about the potential risk that AI poses to humanity, estimating a 10-20 percent chance of an AI takeover resulting in a high number of human fatalities. According to Christiano, if AI reaches “human level” thinking, the human race approaches “a 50/50 chance of doom.”

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Tim Cook Knows if You’re Naughty or Nice: Apple Wants to Use AI to Track Your Emotions

Apple is venturing further into the health and wellness sector with the development of an AI-powered health coaching service, codenamed Quartz, and the expansion of its health app to include new features aimed at tracking emotions. Tim Cook’s creepy vision of the future includes your iPhone determining your mood based on analyzing your speech, typed words, and other data from their devices.

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Corporate Media Freaks Out over GOP’s AI-Generated Campaign Ad

In what looks to be a first for American politics, the Republican National Committee released an AI-generated campaign ad yesterday in response to Joe Biden announcing his reelection bid. Although the RNC disclosed that the ad was AI-generated, the corporate media still went into freakout mode.

RNC AI ad screenshot

Intuit CEO: Silicon Valley Slump Makes Tech Talent Easier to Poach

Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi claims that the employment instability and uncertainty at the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe is making it easier to poach star talent in AI. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon that once seemed unshakeable have all laid off staff and cut budgets, leading some of their top employees to seek greener pastures.

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