Protesters Crash Congressional Baseball Game, Storm Field, Give Crowd Middle Finger

Wendell Husebo

Protesters who crashed the annual Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday night were seen storming the field at Nationals Park and giving the crowd the middle finger as they left.

In video footage captured by Breitbart News, one pro-Palestinian protester was seen being escorted out of the stands by police officers and flicking off the crowd as he was leaving.

Another video captured by Breitbart News showed climate protesters jumping onto the field from the Democrat side and being immediately tackled by police officers on the field.

As the protesters were seen being tackled and held down, the crowd on the red side of the stadium could be heard chanting, “U.S.A.!”

The protesters were seen being escorted off of the field.

Protesters were also seen chanting, “Free, free, Palestine,” “Congress, Congress, you can’t hide, you’re funding a genocide,” before and during the singing of the National Anthem, according to video footage posted to X from Oskar Gorzynski, a U.S. correspondent with the Polish Press Agency.

Before the game, the climate protesters were reportedly protesting outside of the baseball stadium with signs that said, “Stop playing games with our future,” and “End Fossil Fuel Subsidies.” The climate protesters could also be seen wearing t-shirts that said, “End Fossil Fuels,” according to ABC7 News.


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