Here Are All The Times White Man Shaun King Has Said ‘N****r’


Now that even Black Lives Matter supporters are coming around to the fact that yes, Shaun King is a white man with money management issues, we thought it would be appropriate to list all the times King has used the word “n****r” on Twitter.

See how I’m not allowed to say that word? It’s because I’m white. Like Shaun King.

Here, look. I’ll try to say it again, without being pejorative. The word I’m not allowed to type is… “ni***r.” There you go, one more letter, tops, before I can never get another job in journalism again. You see, there’s a rule when it comes to this word: only black people get to use it.

So, without further ado, I present to you The N****r Monologues, by Shaun “Sticky Fingers” King, trans-black slam poet.

All I’m saying is if Shaun King can say “n****r” 30 times as a white man, and call a whole load of people “Uncle Tom,” then why are we even policing speech to begin with? Obviously anything goes, provided you have the right politics. (That is: Left of the Castros.)

Oh, and in case you think he only does it on Twitter: the New York Daily News, his new employer, let him drop it ten times an an op-ed where he recycled debunked claims about being racially assaulted in the 1990s.

He also said trannies once. But I guess progressives are cool with that because, I dunno, he made the right noises about white male patriarchy that one time.

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