Two Handguns Perfect for Plinking, Self-Defense

Two Handguns Perfect for Plinking, Self-Defense

As the popularity of guns continues to soar, some gun novices may be wondering which handgun will give them the most bang for their buck. Which handguns would allow them to target shoot somewhat economically while also serving well as self-defense/concealed carry weapons?

I have two guns in mind for such buyers — the Glock model 19 9mm or the Sig Sauer 2022 in 9mm.

Both of these weapons use ammo that’s relatively cheap and both have a recoil that even early teenagers can handle (with adult supervision).

First the Glock 19.

This gun is literally unstoppable. It was one of the first polymer guns on the market and, together with its larger predecessor Glock 17, has become a law enforcement staple and a concealed carry favorite. Moreover, the model 19 specifically has become one of the most popular 9mm pistols in America because of its light-weight and durability. 

The Glock comes with two detachable magazines — 15 rounds per magazine for now — and because it’s a semi-auto, it shoots one bullet every time you pull the trigger. The model 19 is the kind of gun many shooters can hit a bulls-eye with right out of the box. 

Ammo for this gun costs you approx. $14 a box online or at Wal-Mart at present, and that’s $14 that buys you 50 rounds to shoot with your son or daughter at cans or paper targets. 

With hollowpoint P ammo — which is simply a designation for ammo loaded to higher pressures for more velocity — the Glock 19 is also a perfect weapon to leave by your bed at night for home defense. 

Now, the Sig Sauer 2022.

The 2022 is a heavier and bulkier handgun than the Glock 19. However, it is on par with the Glock on two very important points — durability and shootability. Because of this, various Sig Sauer models are used by the Secret Service and police departments around the country. 

The 2022 is one of the more affordable Sig Sauer models and is perfect for family shooting and home defense. Unlike the Glock 19, the 2022 is a bit bulky for concealed carry — unless you are a person who can conceal larger guns easily. 

Right now, the Glock 19 and the Sig Sauer 2022 cost you between $490 and $540 brand new. And either gun will last a lifetime. Moreover, both guns can cheaply be fitted with detachable flashlights and lasers that make them even easier to use in night time, self-defense setting.

One last point. For true gun novices, the Glock is by far the easiest of the two handguns to break down and clean after a hard day of shooting. 

As for my personal taste, I own both guns. I use the smaller Glock 19 for concealed carry in the summer, when I’m wearing t-shirts, and the larger Sig Sauer 2022 in the winter, when I have a jacket on.

I would bet my life on either weapon.