Palin Reads Liberty Amendments Before Hunting Trip: Book Will Help Restore Republic

Palin Reads  Liberty Amendments  Before Hunting Trip: Book Will Help Restore Republic

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin posted a photo of herself–clad in camouflage–reading Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments while she was waiting “for the guys to finish loading up gear” on a hunting trip on Tuesday. 

Levin’s book debuted as bestselling book in all categories on the New York Times bestsellers list, once again proving how much conservative ideas resonate in America even as Republican elites instinctively want to run away from them. 

“I’m just waiting for the guys to finish loading up gear, so I’m using the ‘wait time’ to finish reading Mark Levin’s great new book ‘The Liberty Amendments,'” Palin wrote on her Facebook page. “It offers a real solution and way forward to restoring our republic. Please get this book, read it, and let’s make it happen!”

In a previous post, Palin also wrote, in reference the massive lines in Long Island for Levin’s book signing on Monday, that she was “there with these folks in spirit!”

This is not the first time Palin has been photographed with one of Levin’s books. In 2009, Palin was seen holding a copy of Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny, a book that was written at the height of newly-elected President Barack Obama’s popularity when writers like David Frum were predicting the end of grassroots conservatism. In what was a precursor to the broader Tea Party movement, Levin laid out what Obama’s administration would do to expand the scope of government to further its statist ends before the Obama administration actually did them. And though the book was ignored by mainstream media outlets, it sold over a million copies, validating the power of conservatives across the country and the thirst they have for authentic voices who unashamedly champion their ideals and the diminishing influence of the old legacy media in being gatekeepers.