A Relaxed Seahawks Roster Meets the Press

A Relaxed Seahawks Roster Meets the Press

“We have obligations that we try to fulfill the best we can,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said Wednesday of running back Marshawn Lynch’s frequent disappearing acts once the cameras appear. “Not everyone is the same…. We celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of our guys.”

JERSEY CITY, NJ — The remarks describe a Seattle Seahawks club that exudes a collective personality that’s welcoming of its contrasting personalities. The team looked at ease at Wednesday’s media availability. And while the Denver Broncos appeared in their game faces at their media session and donned full pads for the afternoon practice, the Seattle Seahawks generally ate up the attention and left all but their helmets in the locker room when it came time to practice.

“We might have had a padded practice for the Saints game,” Richard Sherman recalled of the last time the Seahawks trained in full gear. But since that divisional round contest, and for a long time prior, the team has stuck to its routine of going hard in games but light in practice. The cornerback opines, “It’s allowed the players to last a little longer.”

No contact practices have been part of the Seahawks’ routine as much as practicing in pads has been part of Denver’s. And maintaining habits have been a habit for Seattle’s players this week. “Try not to get tight,” explained receiver Doug Baldwin to Breitbart Sports about his big-game philosophy. For Baldwin, that involves playing video games. Richard Sherman listens to rap. Russell Wilson eats donuts. “Wednesday morning I always bring in donuts,” the second-year quarterback recalled. “I made sure we did that today.”

“I think the biggest thing is to continue on your routine,” Zach Miller told Breitbart Sports. “Focus on preparing the same way. Keeping to the same preparation, watching the same amount of film. Just do everything as we’ve done all year. At the end of the day, it’s a football game.” Part of that routine involves Miller and his teammates staying in the same Jersey City Westin that they stayed in when they played the New York Giants.

Russell Wilson also expressed the it’s-another-football-game philosophy. Attending last year’s Super Bowl provided Russell Wilson with the lesson that the game’s extraordinary length makes any pre-game hype a waste of adrenaline. “Be relaxed,” Wilson tells himself. “It’s still going to be first, second, and third down.”

But the loosest player on the Seahawks rejected, in word if not in deed, the notion of a relaxed roster. “I don’t think we’re loose,” Richard Sherman told Breitbart Sports. “I think we’re the same as we’ve been all season. And it’s because we’ve treated every game as a championship opportunity. Getting to the Super Bowl and playing in this game is no different. We understand the moment. We understand the intensity, the sense of urgency. These are the moments we’re built for.”