Fans' Bumpy Journey to MetLife Stadium

Fans' Bumpy Journey to MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium, home to rowdy tailgaters sixteen times during the regular season, forbade such celebrations in their parking lot prior to the Super Bowl. In fact, the NFL permitted fewer than 13,000 cars in in the Giants-Jets shared facility. The stadium seats 83,000. Super Bowl revelers could eat and drink nonalcoholic beverages in their car. If they wanted to eat or drink in the open air, they needed to fork over their dough to concessionaires inside the stadium.

A $14 Bud Light anyone?

Instead of driving to the game, the NFL shuttled journalists and dignitaries by bus and PATH trains moved ticket holders from New York City and other locales to MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford. The New Jersey Turnpike and I95, normally crammed before game time, moved at a fluid pace this afternoon. The tradeoff for the open roads was crammed railroads.

The influx of tens of thousands of travelers, along with stringent security procedures, made the journey to East Rutherford a bumpy process. At the Seacaucus Junction stop, several fans collapsed in the crowded logjam. Chants for the Broncos or Seahawks yielded to the chant, “New Jersey, your Super Bowl sucks.”