Michelle Wie Twerks, Drinks, Flips the Bird After Winning U.S. Open

Michelle Wie Twerks, Drinks, Flips the Bird After Winning U.S. Open

Michelle Wie plays hard. 

“I definitely cleaned up the cup,” Michelle Wie confessed on CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello of the trophy she drank from after winning the U.S. Women’s Open this weekend. “Who knows what liquid was in there from previous champions?”

Wie made gossip page headlines after making sports page headlines by twerking and drinking from the cup after winning it at the U.S. Women’s Open. Images of her drinking from the massive cup she won, twerking upside down, and giving the middle finger with a faux-gangsta face appeared on social media after the victory. “I had a little hiccup coming down the stretch at 16,” she explained to CNN. But Wie says she was “pinching myself” and on “cloud nine” after the victory. The Instagram photos of her dancing like Miley Cyrus and drinking like Hank Williams suggest as much.

“I feel old at 24,” Wie reported, so letting off steam, like playing golf, fits into her aim to “keep having fun.” Wie called herself “extremely lucky” to “play my favorite sport as a career.”

Wie first made the cut of an LPGA event eleven years ago, so she naturally fielded questions on 11-year-old Lucy Li playing at the U.S. Open this weekend. “I’m so excited for her,” Wie declared. “What other 11-year-old got to play in the U.S. Open?” Other golfers, including Stacy Lewis–who nearly beat Wie this weekend–labeled letting a child play in a women’s tournament as too much, too soon. Wie, who speaks from experience, disagrees. The reigning U.S. Women’s Open champion reports that the phenom preteen asked “rigorous questions” of her caddy after tracking Wie down at the event.

Wie acknowledged making “mistakes” in her decade-plus playing golf in front of the cameras. But she said “no guidebook” existed for competing at such a high level at such a young age. The hard playing, hard partying golfer told CNN, “I have no regrets.” 


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