Floyd Mayweather on Women's MMA Champ: Who's He?

Floyd Mayweather on Women's MMA Champ: Who's He?

UFC President Dana White backed up the assertions of his promotion’s women’s champion by boasting in May that Ronda Rousey would “badly” hurt Floyd Mayweather in a cage. Two months later, Mayweather has hurt Rousey “badly” by responding to a question about her with an answer indicating he knows neither Rousey’s sex nor her existence.

Though known for a sharp tongue, Mayweather may have unwittingly insulted Rousey, who looks more like a starlet than a brute. Then again, he may just be a good actor.

In an interview covered by BoxingScene.com, Mayweather discusses potential challengers, including Brit Amir Khan, after his September 13 rematch with Marcos Maidana. “Everyone is shooting for Floyd Mayweather…. Everybody is trying to hit the Lotto, fight Floyd Mayweather,” the undefeated welterweight reflects. When the undefeated female cage fighter’s name comes up, Mayweather responds: “I don’t know who he is.”

An off-camera female voice informs the boxer, “That’s a woman UFC fighter.” Mayweather, who appears genuinely confused by the information, explains, “I didn’t know who that is.”

“Ronda wouldn’t beat him,” the UFC’s White insisted in May. “She’d hurt him badly. She’d hurt him badly.”