Jason 'Mayhem' Miller Live Tweets SWAT Standoff at His House

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller Live Tweets SWAT Standoff at His House

Jason Miller has defeated the likes of Robbie Lawler, Kazushi Sakuraba, and Tim Kennedy. But the cage fighter proved no match for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. They put him in their cage.

The former star of MTV’s Bully Beatdown and Spike’s Ultimate Fighter starred in surreality television on Thursday as he kept cops at bay in a prolonged standoff that he live tweeted.

This went on for about three hours until Miller surrendered when the police kicked in his door. Past run-ins with the law for the troubled mixed-martial artist include multiple charges of domestic abuse and a 2012 incident in which a pastor found a buck-naked Miller sleeping in his vandalized church. The warrant finally served on Miller on Thursday pertained to stalking.

The cops can’t say he didn’t warn them. The man’s nickname is “Mayhem,” after all.


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