Pats Players Mock Marshawn Lynch as ‘B*tch Mode’ at Victory Parade

LeGarrette Blount Beast Mode

New England Patriots running backs LeGarrette Blount and Brandon Bolden added insult to Seattle’s injury during the team’s victory celebration in Boston on Wednesday.

The backfield stable mates took turns holding up a “Bitch Mode” t-shirt mocking Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, nicknamed “Beast Mode.” The players laughed as they flashed the shirt to the raucous crowd.

The Patriots secondary had earlier complained that Sports Illustrated had dubbed Seattle’s defensive backs, and not New England’s, as the best in football on its cover. Seahawks players charging a victory formation swinging, like Richard Sherman’s premature clowning on Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis, also apparently left a bad taste in the mouths of the victors.

At the parade, Patriots slot receiver Julian Edelman held up a poster of Sherman holding up four fingers during his nationally televised taunt of Revis. The poster’s caption read: “How many rings does Brady have?” Edelman slapped Sherman’s face on the placard to the cheers of the throngs.

Blount and Bolden’s ridicule of Lynch, a player of few words who refrained from the trash talking of his teammates, seemed a bit of a non sequitur. Lynch put in a solid performance at the Super Bowl, rushing for 102 yards on 24 carries. Pete Carroll’s failure to call his number on the team’s last play from scrimmage may have cost the team the game. Blount rushed for 40 yards on 14 carries and Bolden did not carry the ball all game though he saw limited action.

Bruce Irvin, the first player ever ejected from a Super Bowl, didn’t care for the insults:

From cold clocking an opponent as an Oregon Duck to walking off the field before the final ticks in Pittsburgh, LeGarrette Blount has made a negative impression at most of his stops in his football career. But the bowling ball of a runner has otherwise shown himself a model citizen and valued player in New England, vowing that he wants to never leave.

An estimated crowd of 750,000 cheered a t-shirted Julian Edelman making Hulk Hogan poses atop an amphibious duck boat and tossed Rob Gronkowski a beer during the event. Heavy snowfall had delayed the celebration a day and the cold weather killed a planned static rally at Government Center following the rolling rally on the duck boats.