Pacquiao and Mayweather Make Noise, not a Fight


Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather are drumming up a lot of publicity for two guys without a fight on the docket.

“God has a purpose,” Pac Man confessed to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, “to use me to glorify his name” and to show people it’s possible to turn “nothing into something.” He says he has turned from “drinking” “girls,” and gambling” to God and the Bible.

When Wallace asked him if he would run for the presidency of the Philippines, Pacquiao answered that only God knows. He appears more certain of a fight with Floyd Mayweather. “That fight will happen,” Pacquiao promised. “I don’t want when I retire form boxing there is a big question.”

At about the same time that Fox broadcast Pac Man, Mayweather’s camp posted a video of the two welterweights meeting. “I congratulate him on his career,” the undefeated welterweight says of Pacquiao. “He had a wonderful career. And I had a wonderful career. But before we leave the sport, of course, we have to make this fight happen.”

The fighters agreed to make a 60-40 split happen. They agreed to the first Saturday in May. They agreed to Las Vegas. They just haven’t agreed on the small details necessary to make the big fight happen.