Judge Throws the Book at A-Rod’s Steroid Dealer

Tony Bosch

A federal judge sentenced Anthony Bosch to four years in prison for serving as the “mastermind” of an illegal steroid-supplying operation for athletes from the pros all the way down to the high-school level.

Though the prosecution agreed to 42 months, and the defense asked to cut that proposed sentence to 36 months, the judge overruled both and imposed a harsher sentence than either side had hoped for.

“Breach of trust — and that’s what this case is about — is what troubles the court the most,” Judge Darrin Gayles explained to Bosch. “I do find a stiff sentence is appropriate.”

Bosch’s Biogenesis firm supplied steroids to Alex Rodriguez and more than a dozen other major-league players. Then he supplied MLB with evidence against the malefactors. As a result of their associations with Biogenesis, Ryan Braun, Jhonny Peralta, Nelson Cruz, A-Rod, and thirteen other players received suspensions from the league.

A-Rod returns to the Yankees this spring after his suspension for all of last season. Just as Bosch apologized to the court, the Yankees DH looks to apologize to fans, possibly on the field or through Derek Jeter’s sports website.

Bosch had been receiving treatment for a cocaine addiction while free on bond but the judge ordered him to prison immediately. According to one court filing, the phony doctor had been using the money MLB controversially paid him at strip clubs and for child support.