Chip Kelly’s Interest in Tim Tebow Makes Sense

The Associated Press

Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly is huge on culture.

No, he’s not hanging out at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

We are talking about football culture. He thinks it can decide games.

“Culture wins in football,” he said on the sideline during an Eagles game captured by NFL Films. “Culture will beat scheme every day.”

So when examining some of the moves he has made this offseason and last, view them through a cultural prism.

Kelly got rid of star wide receiver DeSean Jackson last year, and standout running back LeSean McCoy in 2015. The moody Jackson was considered a divisive influence in the locker room. McCoy seemed too concerned with his own stats. He also left a 20 cent tip at a Philadelphia restaurant last year, causing a stir.

Kelly feels you need certain type of guys on your roster, in your locker room, to be successful.

Remember, Kelly hails from New Hampshire. He’s been a long-time admirer of New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who is also very big on football culture.

During the draft, most teams have about 150 players they consider on their draft board. According to longtime NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah, now with the NFL Network, the Patriots only consider about 75. They have exacting scouting standards.

The Patriots want hard-working, selfless, smart tough-guys with good character who love football.

Kelly looks at it the same way.

So this explains Kelly’s interest in Tim Tebow, who worked out for the Eagles coach on Monday. Who represents that culture template more than Tebow?

Reportedly, if the Eagles can trade QB Matt Barkley, they will sign Tebow.

Heading up Kelly’s free agent class this year is former Dallas Cowboy running back DeMarco Murray, who is not only a heck of a running back, but a heck of a person, too.

So before suggesting Kelly get his head examined for his some of the personnel moves he’s made, remember, there’s a method to his madness.