Live from the Front Row: Daytime UFC Fight Night Results

Ring Girl

FAIRFAX, VA—Breitbart Sports reports live from the front row, dodging blood and sweat and hearing every smack and thud, of a rare daytime UFC Fight Night at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia.

Chad Mendes made quick work of Ricardo Lamas in the main event at the Partiots Center. He sent the Chicagoan down on punches twice. Lamas stumbled awkwardly to the canvass a third time without getting hit. Money looped punches around the hands of downed Lamas. At 2:45 of the first round, Mendes stopped punching and gave a stop-this look to the ref who quickly did just that.

In the co-main event, a feeling out process of a first round yields to a frenzied last minute that sees Jorge Masvidal rock Al Iaquinta, the Long Islander land an ankle lock on the Miamian, and finally the bigger man rain punches down on a bloodied Iaquinta from top position as the horn sounds. Iaquinta looks refreshed entering the second. He tags Masvidal, who nods him inward. A Masvidal punch sends Iaquinta stumbling awkwardly. In the third, Masvidal keeps it a kick-boxing match and controls the pace. Iaquinta then dramatically stops as if to say, “You wanna fight?” They proceed to, with an energized Iaquinta winning the exchanges and making a strong case to the judges after making a weak one in the first round. The judges score it 29-28 Iaquinta, 30-27 Masvidal, and 29-28 Iaquinta to the outrage of the former backyard brawler and thousands in attendance at the Patriot Center. Iaquinta just as demonstratively objects to the booing, which he interprets as critical of his spirited performance. Both fighters exit the cage abruptly, confused and angry.

Breitbart Sports scores it 29-28, Masvidal.

Jorge Masvidal Angry

In a first, Mitch Clarke enters the octagon to ELO singing “Don’t bring me down, Bruce!” Michael Chiesa opts for the more conventional “Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent. Chiesa more closely lives up to his chosen soundtrack. He scores a trip takedown, and then another, and then another before Maverick takes the Canadian’s back and looks but can’t find the stranglehold. Chiesa dominates the second frame first on the feet and then on the deck from Clarke’s back. The combatants go for it in the third. Each owns moments but Clarke looks more comfortable trading. He enjoys his best round, in the best round, of the fight. The scorecards read 29-26, 29-28, and 29-26.

Breitbart Sports scores it 29-28, Chiesa.

Milana Dudieva executes a trip-throw takedown before Juliana Pena dumps the Russian and gains full mount. The Venezuelan Vixen reigns fists and elbows down on a squirming Russian. At several points, the Ultimate Fighter 18 winner drops double-hammer fists. The offensive meets no defensive measures, which eventually coaxes Keith Peterson to call a halt to the beatdown at 3:59 of round one. Pena maintains after the dominant victory, “I’m a finisher.”

Crowd chanting “Guida” before the Carpenter even shows his face. Clay Guida elevates and slams down Robbie Peralta 1:15 into their featherweight fight. More than two minutes in the Carpenter more dramatically slams Peralta on his head. The American takes the Brazilian’s back and spends the remaining two minutes searching in vain for a submission and inflicting knees upon Peralta’s thighs. Guida tackles Peralta onto his back to start the second. The ref breaks up a clinch just as Guida looked poised to elevate Peralta. The new member of Team Alpha Male grinds Peralta against the cage for the majority of a boring round. Guida cut near his left eye entering the third. He dumps Peralta and then emphatically slams him about 90 seconds into the stanza. Guida mounts, grinds against the cage, slams his opponents again, and generally shows himself the solution to “Problems” for the remainder of the fight.

Clay Guida

The judges see a Clay Guida sweep. Calling himself a “superfight guy,” Guida reminds UFC lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos that he put metal plates in his face. “I’m coming for you 155ers.”

Breitbart Sports scores it 30-27, Guida.

Bruce Buffer announces “We are live!” The opening main card bout shows that the man doesn’t lie.

Dustin Poirier and Diego Ferreira trade heavy shots in the opening minute. The Diamond executes a somersault to escape Ferreira. They again unload bombs, with the shaggy-haired Brazilian getting the better of exchange. Poirier drops Ferreira at the 1:50 mark to jumpstart a frenzied finish. Ferreira quickly suplexes the American. But Poirier drops the Brazilian with massive shots, followed up with brutal ground-and-pound that leaves Ferreira out in wild, wild lightweight fight.

Dustin Poirier

In the final bout on the preliminary card, Lauren Murphy outworked Liz Carmouche in the first round of their women’s bantamweight fight and took her down to put her punctuation mark opening frame. The Alaskan again took the former Marine down in a mostly uneventful second that saw Murphy pressing her opponent against the fence. Carmouche scoops Murphy up and drops her down to start the third and later bull wrestles her opponent down again. Liz trips Murphy to the canvas to clearly capture the third after a rough start. The judges unanimously see the scrap  29-28 for Carmouche.

Breitbart Sports scores it 29-28, Murphy.

Alexander Yakovlev slammed Gray Maynard in the first round of their lightweight tilt. Maynard struck Thunder of the North down to the mat to start the second with a takedown but not much else. The Russian nails Maynard with a left with about a minute to go that sends The Bully down and almost out. In the final frame, Maynard takes him down a minute into the round and Yakovlev wrestles Maynard down with a minute left. The judges see it 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28 for the Russian. The Bully, less than four years removed from fighting as the most feared man in the division, now fights for a spot in the UFC.

Breitbart Sports scores it 30-27, Yakovlev.

Mustachioed Timothy Johnson whaled away at Shamil Abdurakhimov from full mount after a takedown that led to a finish and “USA” chants at 4:57 remaining in the opening round of their heavyweight bout. Referee Mike King’s questionable stoppage followed a questionable point deduction for the Dagestani holding the cage.

Ron “Choir Boy” Stallings and Justin Jones fight in a phone booth for a minute of the first round of their fight. Stallings won the exciting exchange but Jones rebounded with a takedown. Stallings employed movement and a diverse arsenal of strikes to outclass Jones on their feet but the stout wrestler again brought him down—but not before lifting him up. Stallings appeared fresh and fluid in the third, exhibiting outstanding head and foot movement as he landed punches and kicks as he avoided punches and kicks. Jones can’t score the takedown, as he did in the first two rounds, and the judges see it 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 for the local favorite. “First praise to God,” Stallings says. “It’s a dream come true.”

Breitbart Sports scores it 29-28, Stallings.