Technical Foul: Youth Hoops Coach Allegedly Shoots at Opposing Coach

Maurice Tavares
Philadelphia Police

Shoot baskets, not hoops fans.

Police in Philadelphia allege Maurice Tavares, 26, transformed a shouting match with bleacher creatures into a one-sided shooting match on Saturday. Police have issued a warrant for Tavares, who allegedly fired in the direction of the opposing coach after arguing with a spectator.

“It’s a sad situation,” Lieutenant John Walker told CBS Philly. “You’ve got 70 kids in there, and it’s a positive thing for the community going on. Obviously, these adults who are looked at as the coaches and people that these young kids are looking up to who clearly couldn’t resolve conflict in the right way and used a gun to settle this.”

Pistol Pete Maurice coached a team of 14- to 16-year-olds. His five led but their opponents mounted a comeback, which, coupled with the heckling, may have led to the frustration that manifested itself in firing a weapon in a gym full of kids. He also allegedly told a fan to “shut up,” which is not very nice, not very nice at all.

Remember, coaches: when someone in the peanut gallery yells “shoot,” they speak of basketballs and not bullets.