Jon Jones Crash Footage Shows Cache of Cash, Condoms, and Drugs

Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier
The Associated Press

“Dude, I wonder if this is that fighter’s car, Jon Jones,” one Albuquerque cop says to the other. “I wouldn’t doubt it, bro. They said he was really tall.”

MMA Digest has obtained footage from a police body camera and the audio of the 911 call pertaining to the aftermath of the alleged hit-and-run involving former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones on April 26. Jones allegedly turned left on a green without an arrow when oncoming motorists saw a green light. A pregnant woman broke her arm in the three-car accident.

The 911 call describes the run rather than the hit. The body cam details the discovery in Jon Jones’ severely smashed-up SUV of drugs, money, and condoms. How many condoms? In the precise police parlance used at the scene, a “s#!+load of condoms.”

“There’s cash in here,” an officer says during a search of the vehicle. Another responds, “Marijuana right here.”

Jones remains on indefinite suspension from the UFC. Prior to the compulsory hiatus, he reigned as the most dominant light-heavyweight champion in the promotion’s history, defeating the likes of Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans, Alexander Gustafsson, Rampage Jackson, and Daniel Cormier. But a positive cocaine test, past DUI arrest, and a history of poor decisions showed his flawless performances inside the cage coincided with a flawed life outside of it.

Bones allegedly put the amazing athleticism he employed to capture the belt from Shogun Rua to use in sprinting from the scene and leaping over the gates of a gated community. “He’s running over fences,” the 911 caller attests. “He’s jumping over fences.” By the time the cops arrived, they saw fighting gear in the car, papers from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and a New York license plate but no Jon Jones.

“I wouldn’t want to get in a 32 with him,” a policeman wisely states. “I’d just f—ing taze him.”

“He ran back and got his cash,” one Albuquerque policeman says. “And his drugs,” the other replies. “He almost f—in’ killed both these people.” The crushed front ends of a Buick SUV, a Toyota Camry, and a maroon Honda indicate the cop did not exaggerate.

Jones faces a civil suit and felony charges from the accident.

“Well,” the camera-wearing cop concludes, “he’s f—ed.”