After Indecent Exposure and Unnecessary Roughness, Cameras Too Close for Comfort for LeBron James

LeBron James
The Associated Press

For LeBron James, the cameras added injury to insult last night.

Past the halfway point of the second quarter, LeBron James drew a foul as he drove along the baseline. The collision with Warriors center Andrew Bogut sent James careening awkwardly into a camera. If he were Dennis Rodman, he would have kicked the cameraman in the groin. But he’s LeBron James, so he glued the gash together–he said after the game he received stitches but declined to reveal how many–and played 41 minutes.

“I knew I had to shoot the free throws or I wasn’t going to be able to come back into the game, so it didn’t matter what was going on with my head at that point in time,” James told reporters. “I had to go up there and shoot those free throws and continue to play.”

LeBron’s bad night with the basketball paparazzi started long before the second quarter. Before the game, an ABC cameraman–moving up close and personal–captured the member of King James’ royal court as the forward adjusted his compression shorts.

Worst of all, the cameras caught LeBron James losing. Golden State evened the series in a clear-cut 103-82 road victory. LBJ scored 20 points on just 7 of 22 from the floor. Like the broadcasted blood and junk, the play reminded that superman is really a man.

LeBron met more cameras after the game. He admitted suffering from a headache. Whether the exposure, the collision, or the loss caused it, the cameras can’t definitively tell us. Despite nearly posting a triple-double, James clearly played his worst games of the Finals.

Cameras may hurt people and invade privacy. They don’t lie.