6 Years, 3 Stanley Cups, Hundreds of Toilet Paper Rolls

Joel Quenneville
The Associated Press

The Chicago Blackhawks won their third Stanley Cup in six years. And for the third time in the last six years, young citizens of Hinsdale, Illinois, converged upon coach Joel Quenneville’s home to celebrate.

“I’ve been here each time they’ve won it'” neighbor Michaela Neal told the Chicago Tribune. “It allows the town to celebrate.”

Most of the town stayed home. The few hundred who showed up appeared as though they had just come from a fraternity party—or perhaps a J. Crew catalog photo shoot. Wearing Blackhawks gear, smiles, and glassy eyes, the mob covered the coach’s castle in toilet paper after the Game 6 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Hinsdale, a leafy suburb West of Chicago, ranks in the top one-percent for wealth among locales in Illinois, making the peaceful, late-night, open-air revelry about as close as it gets to a riot in a place that passes for Ferris Bueller’s hometown. Not since Cameron Frye boosted his dad’s 1961 Ferrari GT California on a sick day from school has a leafy suburb of Chicago witnessed such teenage rebellion.

But it’s rebellious in a Hinsdale, Illinois, kind of way. Neal, 20, told the Tribune that revelers would return to clean up their mess. She commented, “The whole family is very nice, and people here respect coach’s privacy.”