Bengals Bride Katherine Webb McCarron: ‘Would You Like to Be Filmed While Naked?’

Katherine Webb
Miss Universe

An executive called the NFL Network quickly morphing into Skinemax during a postgame interview in the Cincinnati Bengals locker room “a regrettable mistake by our production team.”

On Sunday, several Bengals players appeared naked in the background of a live interview after the team’s road win over Buffalo to improve to 6-0. NFL Network vice president of communications Alex Riethmiller said he reviewed existing procedures to “make sure it doesn’t happen again.” But the pledge does not appear to satisfy Bengals bride Katherine Webb McCarron, who wants the NFL to change its policies to restrict cameras to PG places in stadiums.

The locker room remains about the only place where the former Miss Alabama’s husband would appear “all over TV” these days. Despite the Bengals drafting him in 2014, AJ McCarron has yet to take an NFL snap during a regular season game. Bengals starter Andy Dalton, second behind Tom Brady in passer rating and Philip Rivers in yards, does not look like a guy coming off the field anytime soon.

Though McCarron appeared in Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit edition and starred in a skimpy outfit alongside a large hamburger in a Carl’s Jr. commercial, she has rebuffed offers to appear in the buff. She told TMZ about the prospect, “Hello? My parents would shoot me.”

A fully clothed McCarron captivated a huge portion of America (the male portion), and a septuagenarian announcer, during the Alabama-Notre Dame college football national championship game in early 2013. “What a beautiful woman,” Brent Musburger exclaimed of the Crimson Tide quarterback’s then-girlfriend, advising, “So, if you’re a youngster in Alabama, start getting the football out and throw it around the backyard with pop.”